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U of A Transit

University of Arkansas Razorback Transit Advertising

An excellent way to reach the 25,000 students, staff, and faculty at the U of A as well as Fayetteville residents. The buses run regular routes on campus and through the entire city, as well as being heavily used on football game days and for other local events.

Outside Bus Advertising

Get seen on all 25 U of A Razorback Transit Buses by thousands of students and the general public! Billboards and moving billboards are not allowed in Fayetteville, so this is a one-of-a-kind sponsorship opportunity.

Only 3 sponsorships available on each bus:
Curb Side, Street Side, and Back

Approximate size = 12”h x 24”w

Inside Bus Advertising

Place your ad inside all 25 U of A Razorback Transit buses! With over 2 million riders per year, your message will be seen and remembered.

Two sizes available:
Small Sign (17" w x11" h) and Large Sign (28" w x 11" h)

Route Map Advertising

A Must Have for Fayetteville Residents and students of all ages! This high quality, full color map includes full and reduced routes, as well as Downtown Fayetteville and Campus insets. Bike and walking trails included! Maps are available throughout the campus, on all buses, and at the bus terminal in the Student Union. Fayetteville Visitors Store, Chamber of Commerce, local hotels, and businesses also distribute these maps. Yearly sales begin in February for the upcoming Fall semester.

Available ad sizes are:
Full Panel, Half Panel, Large Map Ad, Small Map Ad and Coupon ads.

Display Case Advertising

Advertise right on campus! We offer advertising in display cases located in the ONLY ENTRANCE in and out of the Student Union from the main parking garage.

Only 3 Display Cases to Choose From!
All measure 27" w x 33" h
The Mullikin Agency has a long time partnership with the University of Arkansas Transit Department. We assist them by offering advertising on the inside and outside of the Razorback Transit buses. We also assist with the annual Transit Route Map and display cases inside the elevators at the parking decks and the cross walk to the Student Union.
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